Odd Search Terms Of The Week

A possible semi-regular feature I might start doing if people like these, here’s just a simple list of the most interesting terms for which people have searched and found my blog in the last seven days:

tarzan sex
most annoyng thing ever
how often does forbidden planet restock
do it yourself acid-casualty doo-wop
tijdschrift pep
what’s the a cappella music in the 70’s
justice leak gay
smile though meaning
things to read online
peter davison socialite
gaiman poseur
how to get a spotify playlist written
make a michael jackson comic
does people know when you fuck a lot
does ukip have migrant members
things i disagree with
ponns sex film ommas
why hitler had a short mustache

That sounds like a much more interesting website than this one, actually..

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8 Responses to Odd Search Terms Of The Week

  1. Just spat my drink everywhere!


    PS Some bloggers use results like this to inspire future posts. After all, if this is what your readers are after…

  2. Wesley says:

    I constantly get people coming to my site after searching for “fairy bowling balls.” I had no idea there were so many Otherkin bowling leagues out there.

    Also, if somebody named Bob Crane is reading this, then, man, a lot of people are looking for you.

    • Tilt Araiza says:

      Would it be Bob Crane the nudie photographer, swinger and star of Hogan’s Heroes they’re after?

  3. Bill Reed says:

    People does know when I fuck a lot.

  4. The other day I had one for “jennie rigg influential political blogger”.

    The Hitler moustache thing is usually said to be so it would fit under a gas mask in the First World War.

    “things i disagree with” could be a particularly stupid troll. I often suspect that they just google for certain buzz words then leave generic comments without reading the post.

    • Prankster says:

      Actually I think it’s kind of awesome that people are just randomly searching for “things I disagree with” without actually mentioning what those things are. Next they’ll start searching for “the concept of arguing”, and eventually move on to a completely Platonic level of troll-dom.

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