Linkblogging For 22/03/10

I’m working from home today, as I’m too ill to go into work (have also been too ill to blog for a few days). As our systems are temporarily down, I thought I’d take a minute to do a quick linkblog.

Firstly, one that might interest Debi and Jennie (and any other feminists who like comics), Colin, who is normally Too Busy Thinking About His Comics, has another blog where he discusses just 2000AD. His most recent post looks at 2000AD’s portrayal of women in light of some quotes from Mary Wollstonecraft.

Lesswrong have a post on information theory as it applies to using Bayesian reasoning.

An excerpt on the late, great Alex Chilton, from 33 1/3.

Coincidentally, on the same day that my post on how UKIP are liars and racists (and it is important as the election draws near to stress that racist UKIP are racists, and should be given their full name of racist UKIP at every opportunity) was commented on by an illiterate (both in English and economics) moron who couldn’t even see the contradiction in ‘sentences’ like “I am all for immigration, i have no object to it whatsoever, but in the current climate and the way this country is and what future it has lying ahead, more immigrants is not the bloody answer.” (I marked the comment as spam – people who want to see my wife deported are not welcome on this blog), Richard Herring’s anti-fascist show Hitler Moustache was disrupted by a racist supporter of Racist UKIP. (Incidentally I saw the show again just over a week ago, and stand by my original review of it – get the DVD when it comes out next year). Just remember – UKIP are racist scum.

And Andrew Cartmell writes about the recent kerfuffle in the right-wing press when they discovered that some twenty-year-old science fiction shows weren’t entirely supportive of the then-government.

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