Just A Quick One

Proper post later, probably, but for now I’d just like everyone to go and vote in the Pop World Cup for Germany’s track -Daisy Door and the Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra – “Oh, Oh, Ooh, Ei Ei Ei, Wo Immer Es Auch Sei” . Partly this is because I’m Germany’s manager, partly because I do think it’s the better track, and partly because it looks like another close game, and frankly losing to the wife of a war criminal (the Serbian entry is by Svetlana Raznatovic, wife of Arkan Raznatovic) would be humiliating in the extreme.

Anyone got any good suggestions for the next round, against Ghana? This one was a suggestion of Tilt’s, and I think a great one. I’ve been getting some criticisms for the age of my choices (someone said they expect to see Bach in the next round) so something newer would be fun…

Incidentally, it appears to be only one vote per household – Holly tried to vote on this and was told she couldn’t because the IP address for her computer was similar to mine – so use your vote wisely…

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2 Responses to Just A Quick One

  1. Weej says:

    If you want some nice broad-appeal modern pop I’d try Wir Sind Helden, “Wenn Es Passiert” is probably the best track to use.
    Some good proto-emo-but-much-better could go down well – Blumfeld’s “Verstärker” could do it.
    If you really want to show them something new(ish), though, I’d give them some DJ Hell. Not sure which track though, perhaps “Keep On Waiting”

  2. Geoff says:

    if you get through to the next round, anything from 2raumwohnung’s second album, es wird morgen, is pretty ace

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