Linkblogging For 18/03/10

Shame about Alex Chilton. One of the greats gone…

Via Tez Burke, here’s a five-CD set of ‘toytown music’, that style of English baroque pop which combined piccolo trumpets and lyrics about toy soldiers and childhood. Follow the rapidshare links but also have a look at their notes. This contains all the usual suspects (The Move, The Idle Race, The Kinks, Keith West, The Bonzo Dog Band) and all the tracks you’d expect if you’ve got Nuggets II or any of the Ripples volumes (such as The Bitter Thoughts Of Little Jane by Timon, one of my all-time favourite tracks), along with enough less-well-known songs (including of all things a fantastic solo track by Gerry Marsden) that anyone who likes this sort of thing will have good stuff to listen to for days. The only problem is the appaling tagging on the MP3s.

Rich Johnston has some details about BBC Scotland’s ‘Doctor Who killer’. It’s called Bonnyroad (as in the start of Thomas The Rhymer), and is a collaboration between Grant Morrison, Stephen Fry and director Paul McGuigan. It sounds absolutely fascinating from the tiny amount of information we have…

DC have announced the art team for The Return Of Bruce Wayne (as well as confirming Frazer Irving as the artist for the next ‘arc’ in Batman & Robin) – it’s almost a Seven Soldiers reunion. This is A Good Thing.

A fascinating piece about the way memory is reconstructed after the fact, and what this means for designing user interfaces.

Big Finish have finally persuaded Tom Baker to do some stuff with them – Lis Sladen, Louise Jameson and Nick Courtney have all already said they want to get involved.

Marc Singer looks at Kyle Baker’s Nat Turner

And Gavin B has a great response to my Joseph Campbell post.

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4 Responses to Linkblogging For 18/03/10

  1. Tilt Araiza says:

    The Gerry Marsden track is a Bee Gees cover. Not a Bee Gees song I ever paid much attention to, but their 60s style is so unmistakable that it immediately identified itself as such in my mind. Damn those who write off 60s Bee Gees as being nothing more than Beatles ripoffs.

    Many thanks, Tez, if you’re reading this.

  2. Thanks for the plug, Andrew!

    Unfortunately, due to Blogger’s sadistic insistence on screwing up all my formatting I had to re-post that item. (And yes, needless to say, it then set about screwing up the formatting on that! It’s just about readable now, but only after a fight.)

    Should anyone be interested, that post is now here.

  3. burkesworks says:

    Cheers Tilt – I got a feeling some of these would have been right up your alley especially with the Gibb brothers leaving their treacle toffee stained fingers all over the writers’ credits.

  4. colsmi says:

    As with many things recently, I never would’ve known that these Toytown CDs existed if not for this site here. As I sit here, desperately trying to write something about the ’60s, these tracks are the perfect gadfly reminding me that I know alot less about the period than I imagined. Thanks for the link.

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