Next Round Of Pop World Cup – help deciding, please…

OK, after a draw against Australia (moral victory), in which some people had the nerve to argue against Heinz’s Germanness, I’m going with the much more German-named Peter Thomas. Specifically a track from The Erotic World Of The Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra. But I’m unsure as to which one to go for, the genuinely deranged Coitus Crash or the Daisy Door collaboration Oh, Oh, Oooh, Ei, Ei, Ei, Wo Immer Es Auch Sei , which seems to be two totally different songs crashing into each other at random. Both tracks can be heard on Spotify at this link – could you let me know which one you’d be more likely to vote for?

(Thanks to Tilt BTW for pointing me in the direction of the Daisy Door track…)

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2 Responses to Next Round Of Pop World Cup – help deciding, please…

  1. Tilt Araiza says:

    I own this DVD

    Try not to look directly at the monitor between 1:50 and 2:05

  2. Tilt Araiza says:

    I think Coitus Crash would get more votes on a LOLRandomRude basis, even though Oh, Oh, Oooh is slightly more interesting.

    A little Peter Thomas for you Pulp fans out there

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