Linkblogging For 16/03/10

Firstly, an update on Print PEP! for those who are wondering why it’s taken so long:

Simply, my Scribus problems escalated – at some point a system update replaced a load of my fonts with similarly-named ones, and confused it enough that I didn’t just have to redo the last 15 pages and add in a missed line from Plok’s article, but had to redo the lot – and not only redo it, but try to redo it so it still looked more-or-less like what I’d done the first time. I should be getting – soonish – the proof copy though. This *WON’T* happen with PEP! 2, so expect the print copy of that not long after the print copy of PEP! 1…

Anyway, links…

Millennium gives a very thorough look at the Lib Dem Conference, while Jennie, who isn’t named Sue no matter what her latest subtitle thinks, has the first in a series of posts on why you should vote Lib Dem.

(I’ve actually taken two weeks off in April/May – a week for sleep and reading, to try to overcome my current exhaustion, and a week for non-stop pre-election campaigning for any cause I can find – Lib Dem, No2ID, Hope Not Hate, whatever…)

Double Articulation is back, and Jim has reposted this, on Steve Gerber’s Thing…

George Monbiot thinks if we name more plants and animals, we might think twice about making them go extinct.

James Graham absolutely eviscerates a recent Fabian leaflet over on the Social Liberal Forum.

LessWrong have a very good piece on ‘undiscriminating skepticism‘ – which sums up a lot of my problems with a lot of the darlings of the ‘new atheism’ very well.

And some of Ronald Searle’s drawings as a court artist in the trials of John Bodkin Adams and Adolf Eichmann.

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3 Responses to Linkblogging For 16/03/10

  1. Glad to hear PrintPEP! is coming along. I haven’t read much of the .pdf; didn’t want to spoil myself for the print product. I’d been wondering when it was due out, but didn’t want to be THAT GUY – “Why aren’t you producing things faster for me to consume?”

    What’ll the price point be on that, do you figure?

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      It’ll be *far too much* I’m afraid – around $14 or something silly like that – because it’s POD. I’m thinking of doing an annual ‘best of PEP’ book, because a B&W book would be much cheaper than a colour zine.
      Although what I will say is that I just bought the first issue of a new newsstand magazine called Comic Heroes, and that was eight pounds (around sixteen dollars), although it did have a couple of free gifts. And unlike Comic Heroes, our zine doesn’t think Superman debuted in Adventure Comics…

  2. Next thing you know, you’ll be telling me Spider-Man’s first appearance *wasn’t* in Shock SuspenStories #15…

    I think $14 is quite reasonable, actually, particularly for supporting people whose writing I’ve been reading for free all along (and some people who’ll be new to me).

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