A Terrible Idea I Need Talking Out Of

It’s Zom’s fault.

In the comments to my Doctor Who Pop-Drama post he wrote:

Andrew, I’ve been thinking about heroic hyping the X-Men pretty much all year, but have been put off by the horrible facts of Morrison’s experience on the book. In conversation with Amy yesterday it occurred to me that, fuck it, we should go further and write something that fits our vision for the title. Mine our thinking to its core so that whatever we find doesn’t look sue-able and get that bad boy out there into the world – I can guarantee it won’t smell like any other superhero comic (as long as we can get the right artist!). I think you should do the same with this. You have the passion, the skill and the vision. Write a better Dr Who, call it something else, and sell it.
Should we form a pact?

And I have been unable to think of anything else since. In particular, I’ve recently realised that I have a setting in my head. Unfortunately, the setting is derivative.

Put bluntly, since I read Richard’s article in PEP! – and more recently the Faction Paradox books – I’ve realised that I’ve got my own ‘monomyth’ in my head, a combination of Jack Kirby, Grant Morrison and Doctor Who. An entire fictional universe, with a war between Gods that has disrupted time and causality, of which Final Crisis and the Time War are both echoes…

I have some *GREAT* ideas, but using that as a backdrop would be steering close to the boundaries of fanfic. Frankly, if I write this thing (which isn’t – quite – the Doctor Who revamp I wrote about, but is a different thing sort-of connected to it), in my head it will be happening in the same fictional universe as Seven Soldiers and Genesis Of The Daleks and …Of The City Of The Saved and a lot of other mutually-incompatible stories I love. It will never *mention* any connection with them, but I’ll know it’s there.

So, should I do it? Should I write this novel? Please say no…

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5 Responses to A Terrible Idea I Need Talking Out Of

  1. FredH says:

    If it won’t leave you alone, then you should probably write it in some form, tweaked for originality or not. Otherwise, it could keep bothering at you forever.

  2. Zom says:

    You have to write it because

    a) I want to read it
    b) If you do yours I’ll do mine
    c) Amy is busily writing stuff at the moment so part of the pact that wasn’t actually agreed is sort of kinda in effect already

    I want to write something that builds on my Cloak and Dagger heroic hype from waaaaaay back when. My jumping off points are Dario Argento, Cabaret and Vurt… it ain’t your dad’s Tandy and Tyrone.

  3. Duncan says:

    YES, I’m afraid you have to write that now.

  4. Kieran says:

    I wouldn’t worry about it seeming like fanfic. That’s probably how a lot of sci-fi books start, since plenty of first time novels and comedy shows are unabashedly based on real life experiences. In both cases the whole “no plan survives contact with the page” effect means the original seed is buried by the changes required by the plot.

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