Apparently the PDF is appearing differently for Pillock than for me – there’s no italics in his Sick With The Fear for him, but I can see them (and Scribus *should* have embedded the fonts).

Anyone else having issues with that? I’ll re-create the PDF and reupload tonight…

ETA Brief inspection seems to suggest that the font embedding didn’t work properly. Evince knows how to handle this, but Acrobat (which I don’t have on my home machine as it’s non-free) thinks it knows better, and just substitutes Adobe Sans MM for everything.

I’ll recreate the PDF tonight and make sure all the fonts are embedded (as well as adding a line to Sick With The Fear that apparently got missed during typesetting). For now, if you’re using Adobe’s bloatware, it’ll render with some of the formatting incorrect, but should otherwise be OK…

ETA More Sodding Scribus didn’t save anything past page 58 in the .sla file I was using to generate the pdf. I still have everything as text, but I can’t regenerate a workable pdf just now. If you can’t view the correct fonts, it’ll have to wait a day or two – I’ll reset the last 13 pages, and that will be the version I send to the POD site… apologies.

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9 Responses to Odd…

  1. Madeley says:

    I’m seeing the italics in the title header of the piece, but can’t see any words appearing in italics in the work. Reading on Adobe Reader 8.

  2. Andrew Hickey says:

    Curiouser and curiouser. Just tried it on Acrobat 8 on my work machine and it looks all wrong, but rendered in Evince on the same machine looks fine. I think Acrobat is refusing to use the embedded fonts and substituting its own incorrect ones, stupidly.

    Oh, well, it’s still readable… just an annoying bug in Acrobat by the looks of things…

  3. I can see italics in whatever Ubuntu uses to open PDFs with. The letter spacing looks a bit weird in some articles eg in mine there’s a huge gap between a capital letter and the rest of the word; in yours about Nine Carols some of the lower case letters are squashed together like a diphthong.

    Could you make a bigger distinction between the title and subtitle of my article? The quickest way would just be to put a colon after “Be Extreme”.

    Apart from that everything looks good to me. I love the joke about multicoloured text!

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      Glad you liked that bit. Holly told me to drop that. I wanted to go for a sort of Private Eye joke ads thing in any gaps that opened up, but don’t really have the comedy-writing skills for it…

  4. pillock says:

    I’m running Ubuntu as well…I get those letter-spacing bits, text-size changes from piece to piece, and also the loss of italics…

    …Worse than that, Andrew’s segue out of Gavin’s piece and into his own isn’t in italics or whatever it’s supposed to be to set it off visually…

    I should mention I do see italics elsewhere! In the Avengers bit, for example, everything’s there just as I put it down.

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      Oh well. This is what beta-testing/proof-reading is for. And I suppose it’s an incentive for people to buy the paper copy ;)

      Fixed version will be up tonight.

  5. burkesworks says:

    Formatting and kerning all over the shop on my Mac, almost certainly due to font substitution; but even if it wasn’t I find reading PDFs a pain. That said I’m happy you put it there for download because it looks like there’s enough Good Stuff within to justify me stumping up for my own dead tree copy once it goes to press. Bring on the Chomskyan Anarchist party!

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      High praise indeed, given your notable lack of enthusiasm for Doctor Who and comics!
      I’m not a huge fan of PDFs myself, and this is *definitely* intended as a primarily print affair, but the PDFs are demanded by the young people with their hula-hoops and transistor radios…

  6. pillock says:

    I feel guilty now…

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