I have just finished typesetting issue one of PEP! and, after I’ve watched a Doctor Who story, will be uploading the PDF to the site, so expect it sometime between midnight and 1AM UK time.

I’m uploading an unproofed version, which will be freely available for download to anyone who wants to read it, In two days I will upload a revised version, with any changes the authors want to make after seeing the completed work, to Magcloud, and in two weeks you’ll be able to buy a paper copy.

The contents are:

The Function Of The Filth by David Allison
I Love LA by Andrew Hickey
Sick With The Fear by Bill Ritchie
Be Extreme by Gavin Robinson
Why Gavin Is Right (But Also Wrong) by Andrew Hickey
A Fractal History Of The Origins Of The Time War by Richard Dominic Flowers and Alex Wilcock
Nine Carols And Lessons For Godless People by Andrew Hickey
We Have The Music by Holly Matthies
Why You Should Vote Liberal Democrat by Andrew Hickey
Hopelessly Panglossian by Holly Matthies
What The Well-Dressed Sidekick Is Wearing by Bill Ritchie
Scott Walker Is God by Sean Witzke
A Discourse On The Minor Works Of Grant Morrison, With Reference To His Adaptations Of Television Series Originally Created By Mr Sydney Newman by Andrew Hickey
The Prismatic Age by Botswana Beast

You should read it if you’re interested in Grant Morrison, Doctor Who, cranky genius musicians from the 60s, Radio 4, the possibility or otherwise of political progress, The Avengers, the effect of cultural messaging on health, superhero comics, and my stupid bad jokes filling in columns where we run out of text.

If you’re *not* interested in any of those things, then I wouldn’t bother with this blog either, if I were you…

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