Linkblogging For 13/02/10

Beatles post tonight, assuming this migraine dies down.

Firstly, while I thought I had reason to be mildly annoyed at Google, at least it didn’t decide I automatically wanted to be bestest friends with an abusive ex and a bunch of people who want to rape me, like it did with someone else… meanwhile Twitter has handed a gift to repressive regimes.

(The first link there has since been turned into a private blog and will not be viewable if you click it. I won’t republish what the author said, but the mere fact that she’s now *had* to close her blog down, as a result of Google’s actions, should say a lot…)

Andrew Rilstone is blogging at a more regular pace again. Here he’s got a short tale about the police, which just might be a metaphor. Mark Steel is less metaphorical on the same subject.

The Mindless Ones have another competition.

Marc Singer continues his run through his comics syllabus with a quick look at Watchmen.

And Justin completely demolishes the government’s response to the Binyam Mohammed case.

And after looking through that list (torture, stupidity, war and abuse) I think my migraine’s worse, not better…

(But this has cheered me up – Cerebus valentines:

Cerebus valentine

Cerebus valentine

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