Quick Question

Having nearly finished typesetting PEP! 1, I’ve now got the hang of this, and I’ve been thinking.

Were I to publish a (small – 80 pages or so) POD book of some of my blog posts, and maybe some other stuff, would anyone actually buy it?

If so, what would you like to see? There are three possibilities:
HYPERPOSTS – this would have all the hyperposts, plus my reviews of The Fabric Of Reality and Anathem, possibly the Brian Wilson stuff, some of my Grant Morrison writing, and some new articles to tie it all together.
MUSIC – All the Beatles, Beach Boys and Albums You Should Own posts, plus the Jake Thackray thing I did for the High Hat
COMICS – Just all the comics posts from the last couple of years of blogging, other than the hyperpost ones.


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6 Responses to Quick Question

  1. pillock says:

    I could easily see an expanded version of the Beatles Mono Reviews being something I’d want to buy.

      • Andrew Hickey says:

        Thanks, both of you, but I’m not sure there’s enough there to appeal to a wider audience – there are so many great Beatlebooks already. And if I did a book just on the one subject I’d have to be a lot more rigorous in my citations, which would take a lot of time in itself. But it’s a thought…

        • pillock says:

          “so many great Beatlebooks already.”

          This is, of course, evidence of the audience for Beatle-related stuff being wide indeed. As we know.

          And these comment boxes of yours are still treating me badly!

  2. colin K says:

    i can imagine a well-thumbed hyperposts fairly easily- maybe a winter special crossover with pillocks blog down the line if that’s not too ambitious.

  3. Tim U says:

    I’d buy the hyperposts book, and probably the comics one. I wouldn’t get the Beatles/music book. FWIW. I’m really looking forward to PEP.

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