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The Beatles Mono Reviews 11: The Beatles (The White Album)

An edited version of this essay is now included in my book The Beatles In Mono. Hardback paperback I’ve gone a week without posting because this is going to be a huge one, and I wanted to make a big … Continue reading

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Linkblogging For 19/02/10

The main reason for linkblogginess today (other than me being off work ill) is that if I do a linkblog now, my post on the White Album (discussing all thirty tracks) which will take a couple of days to write, … Continue reading

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Apparently the PDF is appearing differently for Pillock than for me – there’s no italics in his Sick With The Fear for him, but I can see them (and Scribus *should* have embedded the fonts). Anyone else having issues with … Continue reading

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PEP is here!

This is a ‘beta’/proof version – the authors have yet to give feedback (and there’s one article where I had to cut a handful of words and the author may change that before the final print version), but it’s finally … Continue reading

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I have just finished typesetting issue one of PEP! and, after I’ve watched a Doctor Who story, will be uploading the PDF to the site, so expect it sometime between midnight and 1AM UK time. I’m uploading an unproofed version, … Continue reading

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Quick PEP! Taster

Twenty random, out-of-context lines from PEP! 1, which will be appearing in a day or two (I’ve almost finished the typesetting): History is, to fundamentally disagree with Alan Bennett, very much not “just one thing after another”; it is a … Continue reading

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Linkblogging For 13/02/10

Beatles post tonight, assuming this migraine dies down. Firstly, while I thought I had reason to be mildly annoyed at Google, at least it didn’t decide I automatically wanted to be bestest friends with an abusive ex and a bunch … Continue reading

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