Linkblogging For 30/01/10

Well, that was unexpected… I never realised Norfolk Blogger was such a popular blog, but thanks almost exclusively to his link to my iPad post I got a thousand more visitors than usual on Thursday…

I’ll be doing one of the book club posts later tonight, and another tomorrow, (and replacing the comics post I *was* going to do with a Superman Pop-Drama on Monday) but I thought that if any of that gargantuan number are still sticking around, I should probably point them to other things they may like.

Alex Wilcock is posting (and revising) the text of his Love & Liberty as part of a ‘What the Lib Dems Stand For’ series. He’s also rightly angry about Blair and the Iraq inquiry. (Comments to the latter have unfortunately become Neil Craig’d)

Will Howells pointed me to this interesting-looking blog looking at each Beatles album one at a time.

Jazz Hands Serious Business is as unimpressed by the iPad as I am.

The Mindless Ones have a competition to see who can come up with the best British-stereotype supervillain.

Debi, rather bravely, writes about an earlier post she’d made which some perceived as racist, and accepts some of their criticisms.

And Andrew Rilstone has released a second book. Very different from his earlier Watchmen book, called ‘Where Dawkins Went Wrong’ this is a collection of his writings on religion, and especially his utter and absolute demolishing of Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion. It’s literally impossible to have any intellectual respect left for Dawkins after reading Rilstone’s analysis of his work. The majority of my readers would consider themselves at least mildly anti-religion – if you want proof that it is possible to be a liberal, decent, intelligent, articulate writer while still being a believing Christian, then you should read this.

(NB, this is not to be taken as me stating anything about my own religious beliefs or lack of same – I have very deliberately and consciously refused *any* discussion of what or whether I believe when it comes to religion on this blog, because it’s a subject on which I think it’s literally impossible to talk sensibly. Anyone who really wants to know can always ask off-blog).

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2 Responses to Linkblogging For 30/01/10

  1. pillock says:

    I want you to review “Mermaid Avenue”.

  2. S. Barrios says:

    always interested in .. unorthodox views on Richard Dawkins. i think it was Ioan P. Culianu who suggested that radical atheism was the logical conclusion of Puritanism (which saw, pretty much, the expulsion of god from the material world and “promotion” to Pure Ghost).

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