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ABC (Andrew’s Book Club) 2 – The Constants Of Nature by John Barrow

Continuing my attempts to blog about every book I’ve read for the first time this year, we come to this, which I actually finished about ten days ago, but didn’t get around to writing about because, like everything in my … Continue reading

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Linkblogging For 30/01/10

Well, that was unexpected… I never realised Norfolk Blogger was such a popular blog, but thanks almost exclusively to his link to my iPad post I got a thousand more visitors than usual on Thursday… I’ll be doing one of … Continue reading

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The Beatles Mono Reviews 10: Magical Mystery Tour

An edited version of this essay is now included in my book The Beatles In Mono. Hardback paperback So we’re getting near the end of these reviews now – after this there’s only the White Album in the mono box … Continue reading

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It seems that something in WordPress has broken, and so my posts are currently only viewable on the front page, and comments not at all. This possibly has to do with the extremely high levels of traffic today… I hope … Continue reading

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The iPad

So… let me get this straight… You can only run programs that Apple has authorised. It comes with 16G (woo! A whole 16 gigabytes!) flash memory. (You know, that really good kind of memory where if you write to it … Continue reading

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Linkblogging For 25/01/10

I’ve spent the last week working on PEP!-related stuff, but I’ve now sent the final text out to all contributors. All that remains is to get any last-minute changes from them, and get it typeset, so I can start posting … Continue reading

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Linkblogging For 17/01/10

Racist UKIP in racist policy shock. I’ve actually seen racist UKIPers on Twitter saying they want UKIP promoted as a libertarian party. Because when I think ‘libertarian’ I always think of denying people the freedom to dress as they like … Continue reading

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