I Wouldn’t Have Thought This Needed Saying

But apparently it does. If you threaten me with physical violence, and attempt to track down my home address I will report you to both the police and your ISP. Anyone who tries to defend or excuse such behaviour will be blocked from ever commenting on this blog.

If you think this is me being a ‘self-righteous arsehole’, then you can feel perfectly free to fuck off and have no further contact with me, and you won’t be missed.

(Apologies to regular readers, incidentally – spent several hours last night reporting this person to police, ISP etc, meaning that I may not have time for the Pop-Drama post promised. Will try, though).

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7 Responses to I Wouldn’t Have Thought This Needed Saying

  1. S. Barrios says:

    jeez, i hope that UK law is more helpful than what exists stateside. i’ve been dealing with fake e.mail accounts and profiles in my name, blogs accusing me of *everything* (“sexual predator,” ad nauseam) and posting of personal info (address, phone #, social security number). and i know *exactly* who’s doing it all (a New York playwright i used t’know, enjoyed a minor “hit” 10 years ago). you’d think it would be an open an’ shut case, right? nope: police detectives said that unless i can demonstrate that any of these actions have harmed me financially (or, naturally, the threat of violence), they’re powerless to do anything. there are *civil* options, of course, but Who can afford a lawyer?

    .. in any case, i’m pleased to hear that you’re taking action, not sitting back waiting for it to “blow over.” with obsessed and disturbed individuals, it rarely does.

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      Well, given that he did threaten actual physical violence, there may well be help. But I expect to get more help from his ISP than from the police themselves…

  2. An unpleasant-sounding business! I take your point about leaving these comments up in case they’re ever needed as evidence, but I’d suggest it may not be the best idea to leave an address (even an old address) up, especially given the context.

    No idea of the logistics of these things, if you were able to take that one part out or would need to delete the post.

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      I want to leave the address up there as specific evidence of him trying to track me down. It’s not especially dangerous, as while it’s recognisable as my old address, it isn’t *actually* my old address, and I couldn’t be tracked from it. Also, my actual old address could be found easily enough by doing a whois lookup on any of the several domains I own (which is I presume how he found it).

  3. Debi Linton says:

    Must. Resist. Temptation to feed the fucking troll.

  4. Darius Smith says:

    Nothing sadder (and more frightening!) than a cyberbully!

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