And A Request For Indulgence…

There are a number of people reading this blog to whom I owe lengthy-ish emails (Richard, Pillock, Prankster, probably others). Some of these have been owed for weeks. I’m afraid I’m simply in no fit state to send them right now.

I have a tremendous amount on my plate (PEP!, work on my Master’s degree, my article for the Mindless ‘zine, helping my wife find a job, working my own full-time job, proofreading a book, trying to write my *own* book, trying to get in enough leisure time not to have a breakdown…) and I’m afraid that human interaction (even of the email form) is substantially more difficult for me than, say, writing 3700 words about a Beatles album, so it’s the first thing to go when I’ve got this much on.

I understand that I’m being horribly rude by effectively ignoring people like this, and I apologise. But it won’t be for an indefinite period – a lot of things have deadlines in the next couple of weeks, and then hopefully after Xmas the pressure on me will drop to the normal ‘intense’ as opposed to the current ‘overwhelming’.

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5 Responses to And A Request For Indulgence…

  1. pillock says:

    Don’t sweat it, Andrew!

  2. Richard F says:

    You’re not being rude.

    Your health and family have to come first – don’t worry. we’ll hear from you when we hear from you :)


  3. pillock says:

    Plus the world needs more Bioinformatics specialists.

  4. mk says:

    The would-be-goods (a great English indiepop band) covered run for your life recently.
    I really dig this song (not the lyrics, but, let’s be honnest, 90% of the Beatles’ lyrics were crap)

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