Linkblogging For 03/12/09

Blogging will be a little light for a while as I’m writing my essay for the Mindless Ones, editing PEP! and writing about 15,000 words for that, and proofreading a book for my uncle. That said, I’m going to do a pop-drama and a Beatles review in the next couple of days…

Meanwhile, links:

The Association of Chief Police Officers think it’s women’s responsibility to not get raped, rather than men’s not to rape them. Laurie Penny disagrees.

Roz Kaveney is one of several people annoyed that the CofE is not protesting about the law in Uganda which criminalises homosexuality (with the death penalty for a second offence) – a law which the Ugandan branch of the Anglican church supports.

Millennium wonders about the timing of the revelation of Zac Goldsmith’s non-domicile status. Alex has opinions on this too.

Chris Bird wonders why we’re at the stage when ‘OK’ is considered a high standard in superhero comics.

And Jon Blum gives the only somewhat-positive review of the new ‘Prisoner’ I’ve seen – in part because of its use of Brian Wilson’s Smile…

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11 Responses to Linkblogging For 03/12/09

  1. pillock says:

    RAB wants James Bond next, for the pop-drama. I want Superman.

  2. pillock says:

    I was gonna comment on that MGK thing, but I’m too much of a hater for them I think.

  3. Zom says:

    You guyz are writing loads for PEP! Sgonna be enormous.

  4. David says:

    Genuinely can’t wait to read PEP! And not just because I’m in it, though my wordcount looks puny in comparison to Sean’s and Andrew’s!

    • David says:

      My Mindless Ones piece, on the other hand… well!

      That could end up being any size. We’ll see what the weekend brings.

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      Mine’s split between at least two essays, an introduction/editorial, and bits of text to link the different pieces, though…

      And I think you’ll like PEP! – I think you’ll especially like Richard’s piece on Doctor Who, which is very much of a piece with my Hyperposts…

  5. David says:

    Should’ve noted that I’m actively excited by both of your towering wordcocks.

    Ugh, that came out a bit Warren Ellis, sorry!

    But yeah, I get that you’re working hard to tie the whole thing together — can’t be easy, so I’m doubly glad you’ve got enough crazy to get this whole thing going.

    I’m gearing myself up for all of it, but will give special attention to Richard’s piece!

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      It’s worth it – everyone’s giving their all here, which means that the pieces are sort of *quintessential* Sean or pillock or whoever. Which might mean I’m the only person who’ll enjoy the finished thing, or even find it remotely comprehensible, but I don’t care about an audience, as this blog is testament to ;)

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