Linkblogging For 29/10/09

Just a few quick links today…

Ubuntu has released its latest version today, Ubuntu 9.10 “Karmic Koala”. Ubuntu isn’t my GNU/Linux distribution of choice, but it is far and away the best for people who’ve had little previous experience with GNU/Linux, so if you’ve been thinking of shelling out a few hundred quid for WIndows 7, and maybe having to buy a new computer to run it on, why not try downloading a totally free, better new OS instead?

Those of you who don’t read XTC’s MySpace blog really should. This week, Andy Partridge is interviewed about Collideascope, and briefly references Ditko and Kirby.

The Mindless Ones posted some Annocommentations for League: Century, but like the teases they are they took it down again. I have a cached copy, though. Mwahahaha etc. They do still have a pretty spot-on review of the last issue of Planetary though.

An interesting article on ‘doing your good deed for the day‘. Remind me sometime to explain how this ties in to my belief that almost all political blogging is counterproductive (I don’t do my own blogging to be productive – I do it to let off steam. If I want to make an actual difference I’ll go out and do actual campaigning, which I don’t do enough of).

And some Twain and Einstein adventures by Michael Kupperman…

(Tomorrow, if you’re lucky, a defence of libertarianism…)

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18 Responses to Linkblogging For 29/10/09

  1. Jennie says:

    “almost all political blogging is counterproductive”

    So you’re saying I really OUGHT to give up?


  2. Zom says:

    Ooh, you rascal! It’s astonishingly unfinished!

  3. hilker says:

    The question is, will Karmic Koala uninstall my desktop manager and cause my computer to crash on startup after I upgrade, like Intrepid Ibex did?

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      Really? I’d not heard of any problems with the Intrepid upgrade path…

    • pillock says:

      I just upgraded to Hardy Heifer, or whatever it’s called — wanted to jump straight to the new one, but they tell me you shouldn’t do that, that you should go from update to update…

      Don’t know why I waited so long!

      My brother set me up with Ubuntu because he wanted a Linux poster boy — I am fabulously ignorant about computers, and I can run it fine, because being fabulously ignorant also makes me fabulously unambitious about what I want the computer to do. But even at this base level I operate on, it’s still incredibly obvious to me that this is what I should be running — so many advantages great and small.

      I guess tomorrow I was planning to move up to Ibex, then the next day to Koala, so now I’m a tiny bit nervous about Ibex messing me around. But the last upgrade as well as this one were the same, in that they had little irrititating wrinkles…I’m hoping Ibex won’t land me with anything more extreme.

      As far as Open Office goes, though — I’m not upgrading anymore, last time I did that I gained business-guy functionality at the expense of writer-guy functionality. Better than Word, yes: but the folks who make these things are still engineers, and thus they don’t know much about my job requirements.

      Anyway that’s how I interpret it

      • Andrew Hickey says:

        The upgrade to Hardy involved far more userland changes than any of the other upgrades, as I remember. However, Hardy is also the most recent ‘log term support’ version of Ubuntu – normally they only support each release for six months, but every LTS one gets supported for two years, so if you’re happy with that I’d keep that one until the next LTS release comes out next year.

        If you’re not happy with OpenOffice.Org though, I’d suggest you try installing gnome-office (or at least the word processing part Abiword). Abiword is far less bloated than Writer, and contains functionality it doesn’t have, like a thesaurus…

        • pillock says:

          Thanks, Andrew…actually now that I recall my brother told me to upgrade to “Hardy” and then just wait, lingering, two updates behind…

          Very happy with “Hardy”, by the way.

          But what do you think, should I upgrade to…oh, what’s it called…”Gentoo”? I understand it’s the next step.

    • Holly says:

      The upgrade worked fine for me, no real glitches at all other than ones related to my fussiness about fonts. :)

  4. Good ol’ Partsy … has there been another pop songwriter who’s put more comic book references into his songs? Aside from an out-and-out novelty act like Ookla the Mok?

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      Not only that, I also discovered recentlyish that one of the runners up in the Blue Peter Design A Doctor Who Monster competition in 1968 was one Andrew Partridge of Swindon…

  5. Dave Page says:

    I’m sure you know my opinions on political blogging by now.

    However, I’ll be over in Withington Constituency for their action weekend tomorrow and Sunday if you fancy joining me. Probably easiest to get a 168 bus from the station to Owens’ Park and walk down from there…

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      Yeah – I actually agree with you to a large extent…

      I’ll definitely be up for that – probably not both days, but I’ll definitely be up for it on Sunday. When/where is the meet-up?

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      (To clarify, I find writing about politics, and reading other people’s thoughts on it, interesting, but anyone who thinks they’ve changed anything at all with a blog post is, frankly, delusional…)

      • Jennie says:

        Recruited 6 new members for the party. OK, that’s not a big change, but it’s a change.

        • Andrew Hickey says:

          Really? That *is* impressive.
          TBH, I’d say that your kind of blogging is far more likely to produce that kind of result than the ‘wikio top blogger’ type, because you’re writing about everything *including* politics, rather than shouting into an echo chamber – it’s the latter more than the former I’m talking about…

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