PEP! Politics, Entertainment And Pthings…

I was going to leave announcing this a little longer, but the Mindless Ones have announced their new format and I didn’t want to look like I’m copying them – or indeed Alan Moore, who is also doing something similar to this…

For about a month now I’ve been planning a new colour glossy POD magazine, which I will be editing, called PEP! The first issue will, all being well, come out before Xmas, and will be a mixture of political comment, short fiction, entertainment reviews and science journalism – a similar mix of content to what you find on this site, but by a variety of writers. There was also going to be a comics section, and I actually asked the Mindless Ones to contribute to this, but since they’re doing their own thing my comics posts will probably stay on here rather than competing with their ‘zine.

Content is far from finalised, obviously, but provisional contributors to the first issue include Pillock, Alex Wilcock, Millennium Elephant, Holly, Sean Witzke and Debi Linton, as well as myself, and possible subjects include a science column, a piece on Margaret Atwood, a piece on The Waltons (possibly the same as the previous piece) and a discussion of Doctor Who continuity. Issue 1 should be out around Christmas, and will be 40 pages for $8.40 in print (I’ll probably release a free PDF version a month or so later).

In other news, my temporary writer’s block has gone, and so I’m about to start a second interlinked series of posts, a la my Hyperposts. A preliminary schedule for next week’s posting is:
Tomorrow – DARKSEID! (Authority post 1 – at the request of Pillock)
Tuesday – linkblog only as off to see Richard Herring live
Wednesday – A Hard Day’s Night full review (getting back to my Beatles posts)
Thursday – Cerebus (Authority post 2)
Friday – Smile 2004 vs Smile 1967 (Authority post 3)
Saturday – And Another Thing… (which I’m going to write about without having read it – Authority post 4)

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12 Responses to PEP! Politics, Entertainment And Pthings…

  1. I think, I’m fairly sure – for clarity’s sake – we are copying you (and Big Alan).

    As far as I’m aware, whilst none of us are able to write new things for you for obvious reasons, you are still welcome to plunder our back issues, or the back issues of those of us who gave you permission (this is me giving you mine), and I’d be personally a little disappointed to not see some comics stuff in there. You should probably e-mail Zom, to make sure I’m not arsing things up here, but I think that’s right. You could e-mail me at too, because I’ve lost yr address in the great mindlessones domain-switch chasm.

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      Cool – thanks for that. Zom told me you were actually copying Rilstone, rather than me…

      And there *will* be *some* comics stuff in there – I’m hoping to get more comics stuff on this blog as well, soon, as I’ve neglected that a bit recently. But it won’t be as much a focus as it otherwise would have been.

  2. Exciting news Andrew!

    I’ve been considering putting together a yearly zine since, you know, forever, but I might look like a bit of a copycat now. Still, I’m evidently not very good at this whole blogging thing, so we’ll see…

    But anyway, I’m very hyped up about this, and about the idea of the Mindless Ones invading the paperverse. There’s a Plan B shaped hole in my heart, and I think these print ventures might just help to fill it!

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      You’re actually one of those I’ve considered asking to write something for it, but I don’t have your email address. You’re invited if you want…

  3. Zom says:

    I think we’re all copying Rilstone (including Moore), aren’t we?

    Well I’m as pleased as punch to be making our announcement at the same time as you’re making yours, Andrew. Hopefully we will be able to contribute in some capacity – repurposing of old stuff might well be viable – but whatever happens I’ll be eagerly awaiting a bit of PEP.

  4. Jen says:

    POD magazine? That must mean you have identified a POD printer for such things…tell me more!

    • Andrew Hickey says: . It’s US-based, and the per-page charges are relatively high at the moment, but the quality’s apparently very good.

      Didn’t know you had a blog other than your LJ, BTW – have added to my feed reader.

  5. Oh yes, Rilstone, no I forgot. Yah, that’s the most internet-printing I’ve done in some while.

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