Linkblogging For 03/10/09

Sorry for my absence from the online world for the last few days. I have been extremely ill, and physically exhausted. However, I’ve got a couple of days off, so tomorrow you can expect my next Beatles review and also a post about Jack Kirby’s original Darkseid (it’s taking me a lot of time to ensure that what I’m seeing there isn’t what other writers and artists have put there after him – although I do think that Grant Morrison’s Darkseid and Kirby’s one are the same, while all the other takes have been embarrassing).

The day after I hope to do a post on copyright law and maybe one on Doctor Who.

Newsarse have “Labour And Tories Accused Of Illegal Electorate-Sitting Arrangement” (hat tip here to Jennie for pointing me in the direction of this site.

Bob Temuka doesn’t like the Green Goblin very much.

Al Ewing continues his look at Beatles Rock Band.

Gavin Burrows looks at 70s girls’ comic Misty.

And Paul Pope does Dune in the style of his Wednesday Comics contributions (another series I need to talk about soon, I think…)

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