Linkblogging For 29/09/09

I really am sorry for the continuing lack of Actual Content here, but I’m physically and mentally drained at the moment – not just exhausted but ill enough from overwork that I actually had to go and have my heart checked out at the cardiac unit of the hospital last week (it’s fine, nothing at all to worry about, just psychosomatic symptoms from stress). Things should be easing off at work as of today – just in time for me to start my Master’s Degree next week. Normal posting *should* resume tomorrow, I hope.

One thing that didn’t help with the stress is Gordon Brown’s announcement today that single mothers are going to be rounded up and put into ‘special homes’. Charlotte has a good take on this, but don’t bother with the comments section – some truly unpleasant comments there. Every time I think New Labour has finally done its worst, it gets one step closer to outright fascism…

Leonard Pierce has a good post on USian right-wing lunacy

Unspeak on Polanski’s defenders.

The government want to put even *dogs* on a centralised database!

Cameron Stewart has Batman & Robin concept art up

And Tucker Stone reviews comics.

And Zom reimagines Superman’s arch-enemy… Nick O’Teen

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    Shameless plugging but… link me, dammit!

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