Linkblogging for 28/09/09

Sorry there’s no real content here for the last few days… I’m utterly, utterly exhausted by work stuff at the moment. I’ve started three posts (one on Darkseid, one on Big Finish, and a playlist) but not had anything like the energy to put what I want to say down. Hopefully that’ll change soon, but in the meantime, some links…

One of the big stories at the moment is Andrew Marr asking the Prime Minister if he’s mentally ill on TV. Anton Vowl says all there is to say about this, although Jennie has a good go, partly in response to Mark Reckons getting it very, very wrong

Charlotte states what she thinks is our most important policy.

Jazzhandsseriousbusiness continues hir look at Lib Dem activism.

Eddie Campbell responds to James Robinson attacking Alan Moore.

Charlie Brooker hates both Mac Users and the Windows OS (yet strangely won’t consider any other options…)

And Lesswrong have a post on The Anthropic Trilemma

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