Quick Extremely Technical Question

Does anyone have, or know where I can find, a prebuilt Linux kernel .deb with realtime scheduling suitable for Debian Squeeze/SID ? I want to do some recording of music on my laptop, but my current kernel version is not up to the task.

Compiling myself isn’t an option – I have various odd non-standard packages installed that mean installing the necessary components from Debian’s repositories would put me into dependency hell (as I discovered when I tried it a couple of weeks back and broke my system). Nor is dual-booting with Ubuntu Studio – the Ubuntu Studio install CD can’t find my network card (I suspect 64studio would have the same problems).
I *could* try just downloading the kernel .deb from Ubuntu Studio’s repos and installing it using dpkg, but I suspect that using a kernel built for a totally different distro *might* just cause some problems…

If anyone knows where I could find such a thing (preferably an updated, reputable repo) I would be a very happy man…

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  1. Dan Howells says:

    Someone I know who does this stuff says;

    debootstrap to make a SID chroot
    Build in there with make-kpkg
    Copy the .deb out and install.

    I’m told that’s the clean solution.

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