Linkblogging For 17/09/09

Only a quick set of links today – we’re busy at work at the moment – but I’ll do a spotify playlist on Friday, my next Beatles review on Saturday, and probably a BFAW on Sunday. I may well post a lot this weekend actually – my wife’s going away for the weekend, and a good chunk of my friends won’t be online because of the Lib Dem Conference.

One other thing before I do that – I’ve noticed quite a few people subscribing to my shared items in Google Reader. Just to give you fair warning – I share a LOT of stuff, because I use the ‘shared’ feature partly as a reminder-to-self thing, so don’t be surprised if you get overwhelmed with the stuff I share…

First up, BCB Radio now have a music blog. While I’m outside their area, living as I do on the correct side of the Pennines, I know several of their DJs (those who know my band The National Pep will have heard several of them on our stuff, for a start, and you’ll have seen a few in the comments here).

Tilt Araiza, my songwriting partner, is one of those DJs, and he put together this Spotify playlist which is the first music I’ve listened to other than the Beatles mono box for a week – covers of (almost) all the White Album, by everyone from Ella Fitzgerald to The Breeders to Youssou N’Dor. Good stuff.

And speaking of Tilt, I don’t believe I ever linked this, but he and I used to do a podcast, partly to promote The National Pep (for which he used to be vocalist/drummer and is still involved with the songwriting) and partly just to play some obscure music. I think they’re surprisingly listenable.

In other stuff – Todd Alcott continues his look through Kubrick’s work.

Steven at Unspeak has a brief spoiler-free review of Dan Brown’s new thing, while the Daily Mash has a different take on it.

And Hayden Childs is exasperated with eMusic after the Sony deal.

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5 Responses to Linkblogging For 17/09/09

  1. Tilt Araiza says:

    You don’t have to be in the transmitter area to listen to BCB. There’s a “Listen live” button right there on the blog.

  2. Alex Wilcock says:

    Looking forward to your next Beatles review – sorry you’re not at conference, but you’ll be excited / petrified to know your name keeps coming up (with your neighbour, recommending you to a nice young man I was introduced to last night and got talking to about George Harrison albums, writing a Keys of Marinus piece with a couple of obscure comics references…)!

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      Glad to hear it – good to know living round the corner from half of DELGA helps with notoriety ;) Loved the Keys Of Marinus piece, BTW. Especially glad to hear you’re recommending my writing to people – means a lot coming from you.

      I did intend to be at conference this year, but the company I work for was bought up by a bigger one, which has a different year for holiday purposes, so my holiday time this year was all front-loaded. Will be at at least one conference next year.

      • Alex Wilcock says:

        It certainly does. All good, though (and you can try to find out from them why I always think of you being played by Roy Kinnear. Looking forward to finding out how accurate that is next year, then). And, awwhh, thanks! Your writing’s always fascinating. I’d love to know what you’d make of The World Shapers…

        • Andrew Hickey says:

          Roy Kinnear?!
          Actually, I suspect once my hair goes completely (it’s thinning at an appaling rate) I’d bear a reasonable resemblance to him were I to shave off the beard. As it is, though, imagine a squashed Alan Moore (about 5 foot 10 but 18 stone) and you’ll have a rough idea…
          Thanks for the compliments. I was actually going to deal with The World Shapers in one of the twelve million Hyperposts I *didn’t* write – I must write about it one of these days.
          You may see me sooner than that, BTW, if you plan to go to the second Who At The Fab Cafe, the one in November?

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