A Very Quick One (Hyperpost later)

Just to explain my comments policy for the hard of thinking.
I *do* value politeness and civility more than almost anything. But that’s an *almost*.
If you support taking away fundamental human rights from people, and turn up here and say so, as far as I’m concerned that’s you saying “Don’t treat me like a human being, as I won’t extend that courtesy to others”.

If you’re racist, disablist, transphobic, homophobic or in other ways treat other people like shit, you get banned, end of story.If you want to deny *any* right, to *any* member of those groups, you don’t get to say so on here.
If you insult my friends on here, you get insulted back, then banned.
If you argue for policies which, if put into effect, would destroy my marriage, then you’re attacking me at the innermost core of my being, and I will turn on you like a rabid dog.

This is not ‘being illiberal’ or being ‘intolerant’, or ‘impolite’. It is, on the contrary, necessary for the preservation of polite discussion. And arguing that immigrants should be second-class citizens is an argument that *actual people* – *actual people who read this blog* – *ACTUAL PEOPLE WHO READ THIS BLOG INCLUDING MY WIFE* – should have fewer rights than others. That is infinitely more impolite than anything I have ever said to anyone else.

My site, you play by my rules.

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