Linkblogging for 14/09/09

Well, if I’d realised how many hits a blog gets just from saying “Beatles”, I’d have done that years ago. Beatles Beatles Beatles… you have a go…

I do hope some of you stick around and read my other stuff (especially those of you who came linked from a Doctor Who site – I have tons of Who material on here) – I’ve written quite a lot about music here, and I’m planning on reviewing the rest of the Mono Box one disc a week.

Anyway, on to links (no longer post today as I’m suffering from exhaustion).

Firstly, an old one – I’ve been arguing today with a USian fundamentalist (well, I say arguing, more ‘hurling abuse at’, but in fairness I’ve known him twelve years and he just *will not shut up*) so now’s as good a time as any to link to Brad Hicks’ excellent series of essays from a few years ago, about the perversion of USian fundamentalism into something he considers literally Satanic, Christians In The Hands Of An Angry God (part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Charlie Brooker on the plans to ban p2p users from the internet.

David at Vibrational Match on Adam Curtis’ It Felt Like A Kiss.

Over at the Mindless Ones Amypoodle has a great post on the Joker, Morrison & Quitely’s Batman & Robin, mental illness and concepts of the self.

Abhay on crime novels.

And Cameron Stewart has previews of his Batman & Robin art

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  1. Chris Hall says:

    Like you site – found you via libdemblogs – wanna blogroll us? will add you when we are back in London – in thailand at the moment!!

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