Linkblogging For 03/09/09

Just a few quick links this morning:

Millennium has a great post on quantum physics, inspired by my own hyperpost series. Again, if you’ve been reading that, you should read this.

If you like the stuff I write, you’ll like Jess Nevins’ post on Zeppelin Pulps

Power Pop Criminals have a couple of albums people might be interested in – a Sparks bootleg, and an album by Captain Sensible that I’ve not listened to yet but which is compared favourably with Robyn Hitchcock, Andy Partridge and Martin Newell.

Bob Temuka is annoyed.

Seebelow tell us How To Write Comics The Geoff Johns Way

Gavin Burrows talks about how Spotify is changing the way he listens to music.

And The Mindless Ones continue their annocommentations of Batman & Robin

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