Linkblogging for 01/09/09

Just a very quick one here – I had an insomniac night last night, and a long work day, so I can barely see the screen. Here’s some links…

For those of you who are reading my Hyperpost series, Pillock has a response, on Crisis On Infinite Earths, which you need to read…

Tim at the Hurting looks at Daredevil 500, while David at Vibrational Match compares a Darwyn Cooke cover with a panel from Batman: Year One

Laurie Penny on the recent scaremongering about how – shock! horror! – black people have babies too

The artist formerly known as the Fortress Keeper has returned

Millennium on anonymous blogging

And finally Wesley at Superdoomedplanet has some words on the monstrousness of those opposing public healthcare in the US.

To which I’d like to add – I’ve had to ban people from commenting on this site three times in total, and two of them were commenters on my healthcare post (one was today). Just to make this very, very, very clear:

If you are personally abusive to a named individual, especially my friends or wife, you will be banned.
If you make racist, sexist, homophobic, disablist or transphobic comments – and *I* decided what does and doesn’t count there, not you – you will be banned
But worst of all – If you presume bad faith on the part of those with whom you are talking – and especially if you pretend you know better than they do the reasons for their stated views, YOU WILL BE BANNED, and not only that, you will join a very small, select group of people for whom I have nothing other than contempt. As far as I am concerned, people should be presumed to be acting in good faith unless good evidence suggests otherwise, and they should be presumed to know their own reasons for their opinions, not to have secret reasons that only J. Random Commenter can actually see.

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2 Responses to Linkblogging for 01/09/09

  1. M_Burkhardt says:

    Thanks for the mention! Unfortunately, I had a couple of technical difficulties with WordPress so I’ve moved to blogger. I left a forwarding link on the site …

    In the meantime, I’m sorry you’ve had to ban commentators. I think it only happened once at the old Fortress …

  2. Nathan says:

    VM’s article was very good as usual, but I personally can’t get over it being too much of a stretch. I mean I’ve seen that same pose in numerous comics and tv shows and movies.

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