Linkblogging for 31/08/09

52 post coming a little later, but for now here’s some links:

The big news for comic fans at the moment – probably the biggest of the decade – is that Disney have bought Marvel. This could be either a very good or a very bad thing for the comic industry. If Disney started insisting that the core superhero titles were aimed at a family/child audience, and actually started selling them places where the general public goes, then it would be A Good Thing. If, on the other hand, as I suspect based on no evidence whatsoever, Disney cancelled the comics altogether, that would probably mean the end of the comics industry as we know it… Not reading any Marvel titles at the moment, and not being interested in anything the Disney company have done past the mid-50s (except for the Pixar films, obviously) it won’t affect me short term, but it’ll be interesting to see what it does to the industry.

The Daily Mash have Oasis Change Name To Noelgallagher. For the USians who don’t get why there’s a fuss being made about Gallagher leaving Oasis (most frequent comment I’ve seen was ‘Oasis are still going?’) they were HUGE over here, about fourteen years ago. So huge that an Oasis tribute act made the top twenty, an interview disc with the Gallagher brothers made the charts, and a comedy lounge cover-version of Wonderwall hit the top five. There was a time when “do you prefer Oasis or the Beatles?” wasn’t considered a risible question by some apparently-sane people in the UK…

Millennium has a post on Daniel Hannan, free speech and ‘dog whistles’.

Eddie Campbell has a great post onEisner’s post-Spirit, pre-Contract With God work doing comic-strip instruction manuals for the US Army.

And Amypoodle doesn’t like Blackest Night very much

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2 Responses to Linkblogging for 31/08/09

  1. Debi Linton says:

    What happened to DC comics after Warner bought them?

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      Different situation – that was in 1969, before there was any such thing as the comics DIrect Market, when they were still sold for ten or twelve cents in corner shops…
      Also, actually, ‘DC’ bought ‘Warners’ – DC (National Periodicals as it was then) was bought up in 1967 by Kinney, a really weird conglomerate that owned a load of random stuff like cleaning companies, car parks, cemeteries and talent agents. Kinney then bought Warners two years later, and shortly thereafter renamed itself Warner-Seven Arts, and that’s the ancestor of the current company.
      Kinney wasn’t primarily an intellectual-property-exploiting company (in fact such companies basically didn’t exist in the 60s in the way they do now) and so DC was essentially left to do what it wanted.
      That said, DC came *VERY* close to being destroyed in the 90s – Ted Turner wanted to take Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman away from the DC branch of the company and give them to Cartoon Network, who he thought would do a better job of exploiting them…

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