Linkblogging for 29/08/09 (Hyper-links…)

I’ve not been particularly well the last couple of days (terrible acid indigestion in the evenings, my usual writing time) and so I’ve not yet finished the latest Hyperpost, but I hope to have two up tomorrow – one on 52 and fanfic, and one on The End Of Time. In the meantime, some links… these links all related to things I’ll be writing about over the course of this little series.

(Incidentally, the main problem I’m having is trying to narrow down my ideas so I can get everything I want written in less than 500 pages. I could quite easily sit here for days on end typing 24 hours a day about this stuff, but nobody would read it…)

On Youtube, there’s a documentary on Julian Barbour’s theories of time which may help you understand them when it comes to that post. (Incidentally, the synchronicities are piling up with these posts – I never realised until googling to get the URL for this that the title of Barbour’s book is the same as the last episode of RTDWho, at the end of this year…I’d missed the announcement of the title). Please note, I don’t necessarily agree with Barbour’s ideas (or those in any of the other links in this post) – I’m posting them because they’re interesting for the other things I’m going to talk about.

Two examples of good alternate-universe fanfic – Debi’s Chiraptora is a love story between Batman and Black Canary – a primarily character-based story, while amypoodle’s Batman 666 stories are mostly huge ideas. Incidentally, the ‘fanfic’ part of this series of essays is almost certainly going to be the weakest, by a long way – could anyone point me to a *small number* of *good examples* of fanfic, preferably related to Doctor Who or DC Comics?

The Mathematical Universe is an argument by cosmologist Max Tegmark that the universe is a mathematical relationship. I think he’s wrong, but interestingly wrong.

The @rchers @narchists – dedicated to stamping out the vile rumour that the residents of Ambridge are ‘fictional characters’ played by a ‘cast’.

Studies in the Literature of Sherlock Holmes by Monsignor Ronald A. Knox is a joke essay – actually a dig at Biblical scholars who analyse the text more closely than Knox thought appropriate – which is the origin of the whole concept of ‘canon’.

An attempt to create a complete, coherent history of the DC ‘universe’.

And a guide to how copyright law and fanfic intersect.

And finally, over at teatime brutality – how many Batman ‘novels’ is Grant Morrison writing? While Bob at the Tearoom Of Despair talks about ideaspace and Battlestar Galactica

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