This Week’s Spotify Playlist – Great Golden Hits Of The Sixties!

Yes, it’s all your favourite 60s classics, right here in one playlist, including…

(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction by Manfred Mann. This is an instrumental cover that alternates seemingly at random between a straight fuzzed-up guitar version and freewheeling hammond-organ-and-tenor-sax led jazz. Absolutely great.

Surfin’ USA by Melt Banana is a noise-rock cover version by the Japanese alt-punk band, who I first discovered through their other Beach Boys cover Well, You’re Welcome (which also included a big chunk of this song). Gavin R, you might like this one…

You Really Got Me by Tom Baker Says… is an electro cover of the Kinks song by these people, who used British Telecom’s automated text-to-speech facility, while Tom Baker was the official voice of it, to record Baker saying all sorts of things. This works surprisingly well.

I Saw Her Standing There by Anthony Newley & The Baker Twins is a lounge cover of the Beatles song. For those of you who don’t know Newley (primarily Americans), Newley was a songwriter (he wrote Goldfinger, Feelin’ Good (the Nina Simone song) and most of the songs for Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory), actor, celebrity husband (married to Joan Collins) and soap star, among many other things, and a huge influence on David Bowie. No, honestly…

(Theme From) The Monkees by The Benzedrine Monks Of Santo Domonica is the Monkees theme as Gregorian chant.

Hello Little Girl by The Stool Pigeons is the first song John Lennon ever wrote, and a hit for the Fourmost, here done by Lisa Jenio’s other band, a Merseybeat covers group.

Mrs Robinson by Frank Sinatra is exactly how you think it sounds, but more so. Especially ‘good’ is the way Sinatra refuses to sing ‘Jesus’ or ‘God’, so it becomes ‘Jilly loves you more than you can know’, before he just starts making up his own words…

You’re No Good by José Feliciano is surprisingly dark and funky for him – it sounds a lot like I Just Popped In To See What Condition My Condition Is In, actually…

Twist And Shout by Ike And Tina Turner is closely based on the Isley Brothers’ version, but sped up, and shows what a great R&B screamer Tina used to be before she started making terrible 80s pop records.

Speaking of terrible 80s pop records… Beach Boys Medley: I Get Around/Good Vibrations/Barbara Ann by Russ Abbot… the title really speaks for itself here, at least for Britons over the age of about 25. For the rest of you… just be glad you don’t understand. Trust me.

Ferry ‘Cross The Mersey by Pat Metheny is a multi-tracked acoustic guitar performance by the noodlesome Kenny G-baiting jazzer, and actually manages to bring out the rather lovely melody in this horribly sentimental song.

Telstar by Duke Ellington exists, and that in itself is enough to make me very happy indeed.

Unchained Melody by The Goons was actually banned for many years – the composer withdrew his permission for the record to be released, and it was withdrawn from sale. Many of the things that George Martin did with the arrangement here would later make their way into Beatles records (compare that piano sound to the end of Tomorrow Never Knows, for example).

Sweets For My Sweet by The Sweet Inspirations is a pretty decent straight soul performance by the greatest female soul backing group of all time (they backed Aretha Franklin and Elvis among others).

And Can’t By Me Love by Peter Sellers is my personal favourite of Sellers’ Beatles covers (again produced by George Martin).

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  1. Jon says:

    These choices rock! Although for completeness you need a Ramones cover, I Just Wanna Have Something To Do by Angie Bowie should do the trick!


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