My Most Popular Posts

I’ve had a huge influx of new readers over the last few days, thanks to people being kind enough to link that NHS post, which has already been read by more people than any other post of mine, even ones that have been up a year or more.

I’m not conceited enough that I think most of you will hang around and read everything else I write, but I *am* conceited enough that I’d like to think *some* of you will read other things on my blog, so here’s a guide to the other most popular posts I’ve written. There’s a comics-heavy bias here – despite the varied subjects I write about, my comics posts are by far the most popular. (And indeed I’ll be doing a comics post tonight). In fact, if you removed just the things about Batman from my blog, I’d probably only have half the hits. So I’ve not linked *all* my most popular comics posts here, to let some of the other subjects have any kind of look-in, as I suspect people who came here for a political post probably aren’t the target audience for my discussions of DC Comics.

The Dark Knight – Conservative, but also liberal, pacifist, fascist, nihilist… is my review of the film The Dark Knight and a response to some rather simple-minded critics who thought the film as simple as them. After seeing the film a couple more times, I’d write this very differently now, but it’s there…

UKIP – Liars and racists talks about how UKIP (a British political party) are liars and racists.

I wrote here about how I would go about making a Watchmen film and here about some of the people who did.

I wrote a not-entirely-flattering review of a Neil Gaiman Batman comic, and Gaiman himself responded on Twitter…

I did a post called “Ten Things You’ll Disagree With” and people disagreed with it, rather more vehemently than I expected.

I write a lot about Doctor Who. Here are my thoughts on the new series and a list of ‘classic series’ DVDs you might want to try.

I was very annoyed at the police behaviour at the G20 demonstrations, that led to at least one death.

And here’s a rejected book proposal on the Beach Boys’ Smile album.

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