Linkblogging for 09/08/09

Just a quick one today as I have an infection that’s swelled my tongue up to the size of my head and given me a migraine…

Big Finish have reduced the prices of a load of their Doctor Who spin-off series to a fiver – when you buy them you get a DRM-free MP3 download immediately and a CD through the post (post is free). The series involved are Bernice Summerfield (a companion from the books, the first story of which is written by Paul Cornell, who I know some of you like), Gallifrey (a series that starts out as an interesting SF political drama but gets all mystical-story-arc by the end, featuring both Romanas, Leela and both K9s), I, Davros (the life of Davros in the style of I, Claudius, sort of), Dalek Empire (you can guess what that one’s about) and Doctor Who Unbound (a ‘What If…’ series, featuring different actors playing the Doctor in different continuities).

If you’re going to buy one, I’d recommend either Masters Of War (an Unbound story featuring David Warner as the Doctor, with the Brigadier and Davros and an unusual take on the Daleks) or, one of my favourites, Deadline (in which a writer played by Derek Jacobi muses about how much better his life would have been had that TV series Doctor Who he’d worked on in the early 60s ever been made).

Eddie Campbell talks about why comics created as film pitches are so poor, and the difference between the meaning of a story and a recounting of its plot.

Alex reviews the Peter Davison Doctor Who story Kinda and Doctor Who And The Silurians.

Jim Jay talks about the Greek woman who supposedly set light to an English tourist’s genitals. After having just spent a week in a tourist-trap in Greece I can see exactly why she did it…

Sara at Orcinus is worried that the Republicans in the US are turning towards actual fascism.

And Costigan looks at the Home Office response to claims that ID cards can be cloned.

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2 Responses to Linkblogging for 09/08/09

  1. pillock says:

    Gotta go marshal my thoughts on the Eddie Campbell post — weirdly I’ve been going around and around this same thing the last few days: honesty in Hollywood movies, Baby Face Nelson just being Baby Face Nelson, except he isn’t

    Back soon.

  2. Oliver Townshend says:

    Interesting comment on the Guardian about the Doctor

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