Linkblogging for 26/07/09

Most comic blogs have gone quiet except for the ‘news’ coming from San Diego Geek-Demographic Media-Property Con, of which the only remotely interesting news is that part of the whole Marvelman/Miracleman rights mess has been sorted out. I’d love for this to mean that some time soon I can read Moore and Gaiman’s runs on the title in proper paper format, rather than as CBRs.

Gavin reviews a Ladybird book on Oliver Cromwell.

Brad Hicks explains what actually happened in the Henry Louis Gates arrest.

Marc-Oliver says that Longbox will be the eMusic of comics. I certainly hope so – I’ve argued we needed one for years.

Adam Curtis, one of my favourite documentary filmmakers, has released his latest, It Felt Like A Kiss, as a Flash video on his blog. Not seen it yet (no Flash on this browser) but I can guarantee it’ll be good.

And Costigan has a strategy to get fair votes.

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  1. We have forgone to post any new content during this weekend because it will get lost in all the news about Comic-Con. It just means that there’s going to be more content once this passes.

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