Possible Future Posts

I’ve got a lot of ideas for future posts (I *always* have far more ideas for posts than I have time to post them), and I’m going to write some but not all when I’m in Greece. I’m interested in which ones people would like to read about, so here’s a list of what I might do. No promises that I’ll actually write the ones most people want, but I’m just interested:
A long post on the Cerebus graphic novel Guys.
A review of the About Time series of books on Doctor Who
A post on the Beatles
A post about my own songwriting, and why I’ve not produced much new music recently, and why I still want to
“Evidence-Based” Medicine – why it isn’t
Why Liberals Should Use GNU/Linux
A post on Bryan Talbot’s Alice In Sunderland
A post on Rick Veitch’s Maximortal and Rare Bit Fiends
A post on the Curt Boettcher/Gary Usher axis of soft-pop music in the late 1960s
A guide to my blogroll (my readership crosses a few boundaries – there are ‘politics people’, ‘doctor who people’, ‘comics people’ and ‘music people’ all reading this – and ‘comics people’ may not be aware of politics bloggers they’d be interested in and vice versa).

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11 Responses to Possible Future Posts

  1. Andy Hinton says:

    My votes go to the About Time review, the Liberals/Linux post, the evidence based medicine post, and the blogroll post.

  2. sean witzke says:

    Blogroll and Beatles, get my vote.

  3. pillock says:

    Veitch, Beatles, Your Own Songwriting, Liberals/Linux.

    Four’s the limit, right?

  4. pillock says:

    I mean for us voting.

  5. pillock says:

    The shy side of half.

  6. Mark Reckons says:

    I vote for:

    “Evidence based medicine”- Why it isn’t

  7. LemmusLemmus says:

    In order of decreasing interest:

    1. Evidence-based medicine

    2. Beatles

    3. Liberals and Linux

    4. Guide to blogroll

    Personally, I could do without all things comics and Doctor Who.

  8. Alex Wilcock says:

    I wish you luck – I can’t get round even to writing the pieces *I* want to ;-)

    I’d be interested in what you have to say about ‘About Time’; I keep meaning to write something on them myself, and know it won’t be for months!
    Other than that, your take on the Beatles might raise and eyebrow, and though I rarely read comics now, I enjoy catching up with your pieces on them. Though I’ll read most of what you write, anyway…

  9. burkesworks says:

    What Lemmus says.

    Incidentally I’d rather chop my own leg off than swap Mac OS X for Linux…

  10. All looks interesting, but I’d vote for blogroll and Linux. Maybe a follow up post about how to get started with Linux if you know nothing about it would be useful too.

  11. TAD says:

    Even though I’m a huge Beatles fan, what more can possibly be said about them?

    Have you heard of a band called the Avett Brothers? I think you might like them. They’re sort of experimental bluegrass, with some pop influence thrown in, and maybe a bit of Broadway too. You’ll probably like their beardiness too. This song (“Paranoia in B Flat Major”) is probably a good starting point, I think.

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