Oh, And

The political ‘blogosphere’ is talking right now about nothing except Iain Dale’s ego-trip the Total Politics Blog Awards, where all Iain Dale’s readers vote on their favourite blogs and Iain Dale gets to win, which must be very nice for him.

I won’t be taking part myself, because I have no interest in Dale’s gossip-mongering. But I know some of my readers will be, so I want to ask a favour. Could you vote for two of my personal favourite political bloggers, Debi Linton and Jennie Rigg ?

Neither of them ever get recognised in these things. This is partly because they blog about multiple subjects (but then so do plenty of people regarded as ‘politics bloggers’) and partly because their blog platforms (LiveJournal and DreamWidth) also function as social networking sites, but both of them suspect (as do I) that a lot of their lack of recognition comes from the fact that a lot of their political posts are about feminism, which isn’t regarded as ‘real’ politics in the way that, say, gossip over who said what to who in leaked Westminster emails apparently is.

Nothing would please me better than to see those two beating out some of the ‘important politics bloggers’ who get called on by the BBC, like Dale himself or Mark Littlewood or Derek Draper…

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3 Responses to Oh, And

  1. I voted for one of those two. :)

  2. Jennie says:

    Well, damn. And I was going to ignore it…

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