Linkblogging for 08/07/09

Now that the evil burning day-star is finally being chased away a bit the writers’ block of the last few weeks seems to be easing slightly for me. I’ll hopefully be reviewing Wednesday Comics tomorrow, doing a Spotify playlist on Friday and a BFAW on Saturday. And I’m hoping to make quite a big announcement in the next week or so.

In the meantime, here’s some links.

For some reason, almost everyone whose blogs I read has been talking about Torchwood this week, including Jennie and Millennium, and they’re talking about it as if it’s somehow got good – I’m beginning to suspect some kind of (ahem) Liberal Conspiracy going on to try to get me to watch a truly terrible piece of TV. That said, even Lawrence Miles seems to like this one, and his ‘review’ is probably the most interesting, though also worrying (Miles doesn’t tend to leave these up very long though, so read it while you can)…

Chris Bird is still talking about why he should write Doctor Strange.

Amypoodle at the Mindless Ones has one of the best takes I’ve read so far on Batman & Robin 2.

Costigan Quist explains why the Tories are wrong about using Google for storing our health records. That this needs to be explained to anyone ever is one of the most incredibly depressing things I’ve ever heard.

In less depressing Google news, they’re planning to release their own free-software Linux based OS for web app users, using their Chrome browser as a basis for the UI (and I’ve been using Chromium, the fully-free version of Chrome, for a while now – it’s very nice). I use Linux-based there advisedly, as from the sound of it there’ll actually not be many GNU components if my understanding is right.

And a lot of people on Twitter all simultaneously noticed for the first time that the UK citizenship/residency test is an obscene, pointless waste of time and money that dehumanises all who come into contact with it and has no bearing on reality. I knew that already, as my wife is an immigrant, but most other people apparently didn’t. Charlotte sums up the views of those who have looked at it.

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