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Spotify Playlist for 27/07 – Scott Walker, Bach, Os Mutantes

A couple of things about today’s Spotify playlist. Firstly, I’m starting to lose track of what I’ve posted before, so if some tracks come up more than once, forgive me. I’m assuming no-one’s listening to *all* of these, anyway, just … Continue reading

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Linkblogging for 26/07/09

Most comic blogs have gone quiet except for the ‘news’ coming from San Diego Geek-Demographic Media-Property Con, of which the only remotely interesting news is that part of the whole Marvelman/Miracleman rights mess has been sorted out. I’d love for … Continue reading

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Possible Future Posts

I’ve got a lot of ideas for future posts (I *always* have far more ideas for posts than I have time to post them), and I’m going to write some but not all when I’m in Greece. I’m interested in … Continue reading

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A Big Finish A ‘Week’ – Thicker Than Water

Apologies for the continued lack of posts – unfortunately I’ve had to work a lot of long days this week, as we’re preparing for a release. I’m going to try to get a few posts up this weekend, and while … Continue reading

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Linkblogging for 22/07/09

Sorry for the lack of posting over the last few days, but I was unprepared for the amount of vitriol that came at me for that “Ten Things…” post (not, I hasten to add, from my regular reader/commenters, who mostly … Continue reading

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Well, That Was Interesting… (And An Apology)

Debi got the point of that previous post, with her comment: You’re right. I do. However, the statements are too broad and brief to effectively invite me to debate the detail of any of your positions. So simply; yes, I … Continue reading

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Ten Things You’ll Disagree With

I’ll do a proper post tonight, but I just thought this would be interesting… I’m going to make ten statements of things I consider to be true but which (I suspect) a vast majority of my readers disagree with. This … Continue reading

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