Spotify Quiz!

My wife was earlier asking me to help her with a music quiz one of her friends had posted where you had to name the song from the lyric. Since I’m too hot to post coherently today, I thought I’d do one of those, but with a slight twist. All the lyrics below are the first lines of songs I’ve included in my spotify playlists previously. Tomorrow when I get home from work I’ll edit this to include the artist and titles, as well as a link to a playlist consisting of just these songs.

Have a go in the comments – person who gets the most right wins the satisfaction of knowing they know more songs than anyone else who reads this and can be bothered to comment:

1) He goes forty on the freeway, he plans his day round eBay, he’d rather watch Discovery Channel than an instant replay.
2) I’m not coming down, no matter what you do, I like it up here without you
3) I can’t hold you down if you want to fly, can’t you see I’m all broke up inside, well just you use your two X-ray eyes
4) I know I’m a fool for you, but I’m leaving and that’s the truth
5) Some people always complain that their life is too short so they hurry it along
6) I realise that I’ve been in your eyes some kind of fool, why’d I do what I did? Stupid fish I drank the pool
7) Everywhere you go it’s de talk of de day, everywhere you go you hear people say, dat de Special Patrol dem a murderer
8) You know the landlord he rings my front door bell, I let it ring for a little little spell
9) Did you ever get the feeling that the truth is less revealing than a downright lie? And did you think your head was hip to certain things it’s not equipped to qualify?
10) You don’t know me so well and it’s not hard to tell when you know in your heart that it’s wrong
11) Back porch preacher preaching at me, acting like he wrote the golden rule
12) I had to fix a lot of things this morning, cos they were so scrambled, but now it’s OK, I tell you I’ve got enough to do
13) I’ll string along I’ll string along oo whaoo whaoo whaoo, Come mornings my beads on a face, a thread, a thong, oo whaoo whaoo whaoo
14) Pace the floor, stop and stare, I drink a cup of coffee and start a combing out my hair
15) He is not your run of the mill garden variety Alabama country fair.
16) Dinosaurs lived a long time ago, they were terrible lizards, don’t you know?
17) It’s not open to discussion any more, she’s out again tonight and I’m alone once more
18) Dear when you smile at me I heard a melody, it haunted me from the start
19) I don’t give a damn what anyone thinks, I stay up all night and I smoke and I drink.

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7 Responses to Spotify Quiz!

  1. No. 6 is Say You Don’t Mind by Colin Blunstone

  2. Grk! says:

    13’s Scott Walker’s “Rosary”.

  3. TAD says:

    12 is Busy Doin’ Nothin’.

  4. Mike says:

    No. 13 is “Rosary” by Scott Walker.

    No. 6 is “Say You Don’t Mind” by Colin Blunstone.

    No. 3 is “That’s Really Super, Supergirl” by XTC (now known, I suppose, as the late, lamented XTC).

    OK, so I had a little help with the first two. I still named more in one post than anyone else so far. That counts, doesn’t it? (And yes, I’m kidding, but not about XTC being lamented. Damn, I wish those guys could patch things up)

  5. I think 1 could be Nerdy Boys by Candypants.

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