Linkblogging for 27/06/09

Just a quick one today as I’m visiting my parents…

Jess Nevins has the best piece I’ve read on the death of Michael Jackson, treating Jackson’s life as a Gothic text on which to perform literary analysis.

Patrick at Lib Dem Voice is calling for a repeal of section 141 of the Mental Health Act, which states that any MP who gets sectioned will be removed from their seat and not returned, no matter how brief their illness. This is something with which I absolutely agree – there is no reason why someone treated for, say, depression, can’t be an entirely productive MP later on.

The Mail are misogynist arseholes, film at eleven.

J.H. WIlliams and Todd Klein have collaborated on a print of the section of The Morte d’Arthur where he pulls the sword from the stone. I own two of Klein’s earlier prints, the collaborations with Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman, and they’re really very good indeed. I’ll probably buy this one to go with the others.

microRNA appears to target cancer cells specifically and trigger apoptosis. Very promising, but the actual paper cited is behind a pay-wall.

And Jon Morris is putting up MP3s of some old 78s he’s found.

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  1. FrF says:

    Nice to see that you read Fight Aging, too, Andrew. That blog offers a daily wealth of interesting medical and scientific information ( + the author Reason’s irrepressible, always-bubbling-to-the-surface aversion against all things government).

    And of course I bought and read Aubrey de Grey’sEnding Aging“!

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