Angry Linkblogging for 08/06/09

Because I’m still too furious about the Bastard Nazi Party and racist UKIP getting seats, I can’t possibly write about something as pure and good as Seaguy. Not while the acid indigestion is so bad that I can’t even think. I’ll do a Seaguy review tomorrow if I have the stomach for it, and some time later this week I’ll write about the real causes of this whole sorry mess we find ourselves in. But for now, some links.

(Oh, and to everyone who’s commenting on my earlier posts, saying “It’s not racist to want to kill niggers want to kick out all the immigrants”, I have let one post through to represent you all. Anyone else commenting in that vein (including the original poster when he posted again) is getting marked as spam. Either you mean well but have no understanding of the issues, in which case you should shut up until you actually have the beginnings of a clue, or you’re deliberately trying to rationalise hatred. As I’m married to a disabled immigrant, I’m not going to use my website to host the views of those who would see my wife at best kicked out of the country and at worst murdered.)

In the meantime, here are some links:

Slashdot have a link to a story about bugs in voting machines adding thousands of extra votes for one candidate. This is why firstly voting should always be done with a paper trail, and secondly why if you are going to use a voting machine, the software should be free, inspectable by everyone.

Justin reminds us that the Bastard Nazis aren’t the only evil anti-immigrant scum around – New Labour are pretty awful themselves.

Mark points out, rightly, that proportional representation is not to blame for the BNP gains, despite what various smug Labourites are saying to try to deflect as much blame as possible from their government’s utter failure.

A blog that started a month ago, but is still only just beginning, Dracula Feed is posting Dracula in real-time (for those who haven’t read it, it’s an epistolary novel made up of diary entries and letters – the blog is posting them on the days on which they’re dated).

Charlie Brooker has discovered Spotify.

Anton Vowl’s analysis of the cause for the catastrophe is pretty much the same as mine.

Botswana Beast has a look at Batman & Robin 1, as the first of the Mindless Ones’ series on this comic.

And just in case you thought Britain was the only country that seems to be descending into barbarism, Obama wants people in Guantanamo to be given the ‘choice’ to be executed without trial.

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