Linkblogging for 03/06/09

Euro campaigning has been very low-key around here (what little I’ve done has been Hope Not Hate stuff rather than specifically Lib Dem) but I’ll be spending as much of tomorrow as I can (given the weather, which is almost literally killing me at the moment) out and about door-knocking and leafletting, so the earliest you’re likely to get another post from me is Friday (and probably not then, as Holly gets back from the US then). So these will have to tide you over til then:

Millennium Dome, Elephant has views on the rats abandoning the sinking cabinet.

Calamity Jon has a look at the 1991 Amazing Heroes Swimsuit edition. If you’ve ever wanted to see Olive Oyl, Wolverine or the cast of TaleSpin in swimwear, then you’re a sick and disturbed individual. If you’ve never wanted to see those things but have a morbid curiosity now I’ve mentioned it, head over there…

Gavin B has a great post on ‘slag-off’ punk songs.

XKCD is especially good today.

Fred Clark has a post on the ‘pro-life’, ‘Christian’ terrorist who killed a doctor in church the other day. (This is not an invitation for a debate on abortion in the comments here, incidentally. I am willing to assume that most people on both sides are people of good will, and I have friends on both sides of the argument and want to keep them, and I have never yet seen a discussion of abortion that didn’t descend into needless abuse. On the other hand, none of my friends are pro-shooting-people, I hope).

And The Beast Must Die has a great comic strip he created for a children’s comic that unfortunately didn’t happen – Abel And Baker – Monkeys In Space

Expect reviews of Seaguy and Batman And Robin on Friday or Saturday, and a BFAW on Sunday. I may get a politics post up tomorrow once we know what the election’s looking like. In the meantime, if you’re in Europe, please go out and vote tomorrow, and please don’t vote for UKIP or the BNP – remember UKIP are liars and racists who hate my marriage and the BNP are even more contemptible (but less electable) than that. At the moment it looks like a three-way tie between the Lib Dems, Labour and UKIP for second place – current polls have them all more or less within a margin of error of each other – and I’d hate to see the racist bastards get more seats than us…

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