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Linkblogging for 30/06/09

Just a few quick links here – possibly I’ll do a BFAW tomorrow, but I’m finding it hard to think in this sweltering heat. Someone please turn off the light in the big blue room? Nina Stone has a review … Continue reading

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Spotify Quiz!

My wife was earlier asking me to help her with a music quiz one of her friends had posted where you had to name the song from the lyric. Since I’m too hot to post coherently today, I thought I’d … Continue reading

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Linkblogging for 27/06/09

Just a quick one today as I’m visiting my parents… Jess Nevins has the best piece I’ve read on the death of Michael Jackson, treating Jackson’s life as a Gothic text on which to perform literary analysis. Patrick at Lib … Continue reading

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Comics Review (Guaranteed 100% Michael Jackson Free*)

Sometimes there are comics that you can review before even reading them, and I was half tempted to do that with the two comics I’m going to review here. Going in, I knew exactly what I was going to get … Continue reading

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A Tale Of Two Telephone Companies

Let me tell you about two telephone companies. One, let us call them Bastard Telecom, are bastards. If you can get connected at all, rather than getting delays and crossed lines, as we did, then just pray you never have … Continue reading

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Linkblogging for 24/06/09

I’ve been offline for a while, as you may have noticed, but having caught up with a tiny percentage of my regular blogs, here’s what’s caught my eye. Powerpop Criminals has uploaded two superb compilations of late-90s powerpop to Rapidshare, … Continue reading

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In case anyone was wondering…

BT are even more incompetent than I made them out to be last week. It will be at least another week – possibly two – before I have home internet again (I’ve now registered with a different provider…) I’ll try … Continue reading

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