Linkblogging for 10/05/09

I’ll be posting a short review of Seaguy and Cerebus Archive tomorrow (short version – both very different but great). There’ll also be an announcement soon which will explain (some of ) the reason for the relative lack of posts this week. In the meantime, have some links…

Over at The Factual Opinion they’re doing a run-down of the best albums of 1978. It’s all good stuff, but I especially like this look at a personal favourite – Shiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller) by Captain Beefheart.

Alex Wilcock asks us to pity poor Barbara Follett, who needs all the help she can get – why, she had to pay nearly half the repair costs of her Chinese rug herself, rather than the taxpayer doing it!

Dorian at PostmodernBarney has a selection of the many moods of Melanie Bush.

Some Batman & Robin pages by Frank Quitely.

And Millennium Elephant’s Credit Crunch Diary continues…

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1 Response to Linkblogging for 10/05/09

  1. Tucker Stone says:

    Thanks andrew. Going to war with this year has been a bastard–i do the music writing so infrequently now that it’s a tough horse to get back on. It really is easier to do the RIGHT NOW RIGHT NOW stuff then it is to plow through 30 years of legend and scholarship and talk about these massive watershed albums.

    Earlier in the research process–marty and I have this really ridiculous obsessive thing we do collecting the albums–we both joked that 2008 (when we started listening, we just started the writing part about two weeks ago, obviously) was going to be the year that both of us “got” Captain Beefheart. After diving as deep as I could into that album, I feel gap-toothed glad to say that I still don’t have a clue. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

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