Linkblogging for 01/05/09

I’ll be posting a larger thing tonight, probably this week’s music post, and I would have been doing a comics post but Jess Nevins lies! However, in the meantime, here’s a few links to show I aten’t dead yet. (There was no post last night incidentally because it was the first Manchester Liberal Drinks. Which was fun, but there were only two people there who aren’t ‘bloggers’ (as opposed to people who might have blogs) which I think is something that we should try and redress in future).

Oh, and hello everyone from When Fangirls Attack – if you don’t all hate me for saying nasty things about Neil, you might want to click my ‘comics’ or ‘feminism’ links…

Debi has a very sensible, measured post about swine flu and our reaction to it.

Scholars And Rogues have a good review of Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers, which sounds like it pretty much demolishes the Horatio Alger myth.

Jonathan points out the number of households who’ve benefited from the government’s mortgage rescue scheme – *one*.

Alix has written about ‘morality and the liberal’.

And pillock is getting the hang of Twitter.


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2 Responses to Linkblogging for 01/05/09

  1. Holly says:

    NO ASTERISKS! I told you!

  2. pillock says:

    I accidentally killed that link.

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