Linkblogging for 16/03/09

I haven’t done a linkblog for a little while, partly because I’ve been doing a weekly one over at LC (my latest one is up now), but since comics dont come out until tomorrow because of Easter, I thought I’d do one today.

Alex at Love And Liberty has a tribute to Peter Rogers (producer of the Carry On series, Clement Freud (Liberal MP, chef, children’s author, McCartney album cover model and panelist on radio comedy Just A Minute for over forty years and actor John Cater.

Tim at The Hurting continues his phenomenal series on Kingdom Come and comics that culturally surrounded it with this look at Earth X.

Chris Bird continues to talk about why he should write Doctor Strange, this time bringing the (real-life) baseball legend Moe Berg into the story.

Justin at Chicken Yoghurt is one of many people covering the continued proof of police violence at the G20 protests.

And Fred at Slacktivist looks at ‘Tax Freedom Day‘.

Oh, and finally, for all the million or so people hitting my blog because the title of a previous post was a line from an old hit record, the song you’re after is Mickey by Toni Basil, written by Chinn & Chapman. Video of it can be found here, and it’s on Spotify at spotify:track:2cZFWUgoFqsruaDftuCv7e . Now don’t say I never do anything for you.

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