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Linkblogging for 29/04/09

I’ve been too tired to blog properly for a couple of days – the migraine mentioned in the last post was actually a symptom of me coming down with some minor infection – not bad enough to keep me from … Continue reading

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The Zombies, Bridgewater Hall, 24/04/09

The Zombies’ album Odessey And Oracle is one of the few ‘classic albums’ that happens to really be the best album of the band’s career. While many Beach Boys albums are at least as good as Pet Sounds, Revolver beats … Continue reading

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Whatever Happened To All Of The Heroes, All The Shakespearos?

There appear to be two schools of thought regarding Neil Gaiman among comics critics. One, popular ten years or so ago, is that he’s the greatest writer ever to have worked in the medium, and brings a new level of … Continue reading

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Inform Update

Edit 25 April for some reason WordPress broke the links in this. Fixed now. Only a few (if any) of you will be interested in this, but Inform 7, the programming language for text adventure games (Interactive Fiction) has released … Continue reading

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Labour Conspiracy

This post will be of no interest to anyone who is not hugely interested in the minutiae of British political blogging, and the wankery that goes on therein… I hate writing posts like this, and I hate contaminating my own … Continue reading

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This week’s spotify playlist

Can be found here. Hello, incidentally, to those of you who’ve come over to this site after a bunch of us used Twitter to do naughty swears on the Telegraph website, if any of you have stuck around. Fill Your … Continue reading

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An Immodest Proposal

This blog has recently been turning more and more into a political-ranting blog for me, which is not something I’m particularly pleased by. However, it’s mostly because comics at the moment are stupefyingly dull. Oh, that’s not to say there’s … Continue reading

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