Linkblogging for 15/03/09

A few quick links here. Our home net access will be fixed tomorrow morning, so normal service will resume then…

Eddie Campbell has his daughter Hayley Campbell’s review of the film of Watchmen, along with a few comments of his own, especially on Dr Manhattan’s circumcision as it relates to Leonardo. Meanwhile Caleb has more on the message from David Hayter I wrote about the other day…

Civil servants can’t even be bothered to read emails from the public. And the same site also asks when we are going to impose regime change on Iraq.

Anton Vowel asks what the Daily Mail really thinks about racism.

I’ve been quite hard on ‘Liberal’ Conspiracy here at times (I think it’s a site with several wonderful writers but with a very strange overall editorial line, to put it mildly) but the briefing report on James Purnell’s DWP and their use of ‘lie detectors’ that has been being posted there and at Ministry of Truth is a great work of investigative journalism of the kind that we all could learn from. Here’s a link to part of it with links to more.

And Tim at the Hurting has a wonderful post on Rorshach.

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