Linkblogging for 06/03/09

Home net access is still as infrequent as a decent policy announcement from the Labour Party, but in the meantime here’s a few links, with less comment from me than usual due to typing this at work…

Pillock has a great post on accents – musical, time-based and artistic, with reference to Backbeat and comic covers.

Andrew Rilstone has a review of Philip Norman’s new biography of John Lennon.

Bot’swana Beast has a post on fictional alphabets in comics

A new organisation, The Comic Book Alliance, has formed to fight against restrictions on free speech in British law, as well as promoting the comic industry. This will be sidebar-linked as soon as I have the ability, combining as it does two of my big passions – civil liberties and comics.

And a lot of people have been linking this excellent article by Charlie Brooker, but far fewer have linked this even better response by Millennium Elephant. As always, the Elephant talks sense.

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