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Dear All,

We are writing to you to ask for your help and support. We may have previously contacted you concerning a little boy – child M and his family. We have worrying reasons to believe that they may be facing imminent detention.

As you may remember child M and his family are facing deportation to Iran, where it is likely that his mother, sister and brother will be imprisoned and risk the death penalty if they are made to return. The family also spent 52 days in Yarl’s Wood immigration centre over the summer of 2008. This experience affected the whole family detrimentally. Child M suffered from violent nightmares, ringworm and his hair started to fall out.

Child M is back in school but is very clearly traumatised from this experience. He and his family live in a daily state of fear and uncertainty, scared that today will be a day that they will possibly be detained again or deported. Child M is unable to concentrate, or focus on tasks and struggles to maintain peer relationships. At home he still suffers from violent nightmares and worries constantly about his and his family’s future. It is clear to all around child M that there has been a dramatic change in his emotional and social wellbeing.

We want child M and his family to have a safe and secure future in the UK, so we need your support!

There are a few ways that you can help:

Please forward this email to anyone who you think will be supportive of this issue.

In the event of immigration officials attempting to remove the family from their home we need as many people who can get to the Gorton area asap. If you are willing to be on our telephone tree, please reply to info@defend-asylum.org giving your name and number.

We also need letters writing to the home secretary, Jacqui Smith, asking for her to grant the family asylum.

Finally… please make sure you and anyone you know has signed our online petition @

We really need your help and appreciate anything you can do to support us!!

Many thanks,

Zoe Cantle and Sarah Mason on behalf of the Child M Must Stay Campaign http://www.childm.org.uk/

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